Looking for a social media and supply chain expert who enjoys interacting and educating any size of audience regardless of their seniority or industry?

Jeff has engaged a variety of audiences with practical advice for those looking into the application of emerging disruptive technologies with a good mix of research, storytelling, passion and humor.

As a sought after thought leader and visionary, still working at the intersection of social media and leading edge supply chain thinking, he intuitively knows how to tailor and deliver relevant 
presentations on these timely topics in an engaging manner.

If you’d like to review a reference letter from a recent Social Media in the Supply Chain session delivered by Jeff simply click here.

Jeff is also available to deliver presentations on the general application and benefits of social media to any type of organization based on his concept for Social Media Organizations or Smorganization.

To learn more about potentially having Jeff speak at your next event please send an email to info@socialscm.com

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