CSCMP 2011 Recap: The Synergy Supply Chain of the Future

My first CSCMP was in 1989 and I always try to get there every year to catch up with all my logistics and supply chain friends!

As with every year, there are opportunities to learn new things and meet new people. Here’s a link to my recent tweetstream for shoutouts to some of the great people I met this year!

Held again in Philadelphia, this year’s event brought back memories of 2004, the year the old CLM: Council of Logistics Management became today’s CSCMP: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals!

New of course, in it’s second year, is The CSCMP Supply Chain of the Future exhibition. And I’m pleased to report I did come across the retail & consumer products supply chain of the future but NOT at the exhibition (more on this later)

Those who know me are aware I’m active on Twitter both as @JeffAshcroft and @SupplyChainNtwk. Last year in San Diego we held the very first SCN Tweetup at CSCMP to which 3 people came. Happy to report this year we had a 100% increase in attendees and many, many more tweeting under the #CSCMP and #CSCMP2011 hashtags. Continue reading…

Watch The Four Hats of The Social CMO Webinar Replay

Take this opportunity to review The Four Hats of The Social CMO webinar replay for a unique look at four roles emerging marketing leaders can embrace as they evolve to become Social CMOs!

As with any new disruptive technology, social networking usage in enterprise business is still in its’ infancy with marketers in a preferred position to gain advantage. CMO’s can benefit from being first movers in introducing and adopting social networking technologies to become social leaders within their organizations. Continue reading…

Introducing The Four Hats of The Social CMO Survey Research Report

As business requirements change, both the adoption of new technology and the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will continue to evolve. This future of the CMO customer survey report addresses two questions: How has the role of the CMO changed? What skills will I need to develop to further my career as a marketing leader? Readers will gain perspective on the new four hats of the CMO, and begin to assess which skills to develop to meet both personal career and business needs. This market overview includes data from a Constellation Research survey of 126 marketing leaders serving CMO roles across multiple industries and geographies leveraging The Social CMO network.

Executive Summary

Previous technology and business shifts have subtly changed the role of the CMO. However, the new consumer engagement models of the social revolution will spawn the need for a new breed of business and marketing technology leaders. These leaders must navigate a myriad of converging and disruptive technologies, align new initiatives to both business value and technology ROI feasibility, and identify strategies to leverage existing program investments to fund innovation.

The traditional CMO must overcome inertia and wear one or more of the four hats or roles for The Social CMO: Chief “Maintenance” Officer, Chief “Migration” Officer, Chief “Measurement” Officer, and Chief “MatrixMarketing” Officer. In our survey of 126 CMOs in the second quarter of 2011, Constellation Research uncovered the priorities for these next-generation CMOs.

Shifting to a Chief Maintenance Officer, Chief Migration Officer and Chief MatrixMarketing role should be a smooth transition for most CMOs, but only a few with vision, ambition and business savvy will grow into the Chief Measurement Officer role. In each of these shifts, CMOs will have to reprioritize their project portfolios and develop new skill sets. Regardless of the shift, a new breed of CMOs will emerge to match the needs of the organization, taking a more leadership-focused, customer experience, and business point of view.

The full report of The Four Hats of The Social CMO is now available for pre-order and will be released the week of September 26th after which date can be ordered here. Members of the Constellation Research Client Community will also have access to a quark providing some additional details.

Jeff Ashcroft

The Four Hats of The Social CMO Webinar

Join us for The Four Hats of The Social CMO webinar for a unique look at four roles emerging marketing leaders can embrace as they evolve to become Social CMOs!

As with any new disruptive technology, social networking usage in enterprise business is still in its’ infancy with marketers in a preferred position to gain advantage. CMO’s can benefit from being first movers in introducing and adopting social networking technologies to become social leaders within their organizations. Continue reading…

The Search for Synergy in Supply Chains

As organizations evolve their business models in the coming decade, a new breed of business and technology leaders emerges to meet the challenge. These leaders will navigate a myriad of converging and disruptive technologies, align new initiatives for both business value and technology feasibility, and identify strategies to leverage existing investments to fund innovation. Consequently, traditional supply chain operations also need to evolve along with new roles and focuses for the CSCO. Later in 2011, additional research will be conducted into these new roles.

This initial Constellation Research supply chain report focuses on supply chain synergy, summarizing a significant body of work. The second report in this series will include real world pilot examples and direct improvement results. Questions about the types of supply chain synergy present in supply chains as well as the Supply Chain Synergy Indicators that identify these synergies will be answered. Continue reading…

SCM is not just about products!
Introducing The SCM Company!

Supply Chain Management for most of the last 20 years has been all about the flow of physical products and related systems information from raw materials sources, through into manufacturing and then storage, distribution, sale, delivery and then sometimes returns as appropriate. But are there not many more opportunities for the company to benefit from the application of SCM principles?

There have been a number of studies over the past several years aligning companies with high performing supply chains with their positive stock market performance and that there is a direct correlation between supply chain and company results. So that in itself would suggest that most companies should look upon supply chain as a core business focus but what I’m suggesting here is much more and why we are creating the blueprint for The SCM Company.

There are many other flows within organizations which can be managed in the same way as the physical product supply chain and those firms which recognize and embrace this concept will no doubt take their business performance to an entirely different level. Are there any of you who’re not with me yet?

Specifically, the other flows in the firm I’m speaking of are people, leads or potential sales, actual sales, cash flow, new ideas products/revenue sources. All of these can be better managed through the application of supply chain management concepts and software with measurement, forecasting, metrics, visibility and full resource and performance planning and results to develop the ultimate high performance firm or what I’m calling The SCM Company!

Look out for my upcoming book “The SCM Company” and below is a sneak peak at the contents for the book.

People and Talent Supply Chain Management

The Sales Supply Chain

Cash Supply Chain

The Innovation Supply Chain

Physical Supply Chain Networks

Collaboration & the Social imperative

Never before has the role of supply chain managers and the systems which support them been more important.

Supply Chain Managers of the world arise and take your rightful places as the leaders within your corporations!


Jeff Ashcroft

Copyright 2009 ACI Ltd. The SCM Company tm

Announcing The Constellation SuperNova Awards


Today, we announce an award that celebrates and recognizes leaders who have overcome the odds to successfully apply emerging and disruptive technologies for their organizations.

In Search of Protostars

Most award programs recognize the technology suppliers for their advancements in the market. Few, if any programs, have recognized individuals for their courage in battling the odds to effect change in their organization. The Constellation SuperNova Awards celebrate the explorers, the pioneers, and the unsung heroes who successfully put new technologies to work. More importantly, these leaders have created disruptions in their market.

“Applying technology innovation to effect business results requires exceptional organizational leadership and teamwork. It is not enough to simply implement the technology. To ensure success, these leaders had to build buy-in relationships across all levels of the organization – appealing to rational and emotional senses – as well as make tough calls in system delivery to make change easier”, noted Amy Wilson, Vice-President and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research, Inc.

Continue reading…

Starting a Social Supply Chain Synergy Revolution

We have reviewed and covered many new developments and industry initiatives through the SupplyChainNetwork and we would now like to make this contribution to creating and initializing one more. Supply Chain Synergy has in the past been the result of internal corporate projects and merger or acquisition activities which came about more due to being found as a low hanging fruit or byproduct of such projects or business events. Of course we’re not saying no synergy benefits have been captured, but since Quick Response (QR) in the 1980’s, through Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in the 90’s and a number of other related initiatives, we have seen more talking, conferences and consulting bills about these concepts than true and lasting synergy benefits delivered.

Our goal in this series is to help you all to start a Supply Chain Synergy revolution, first by defining the various types of Supply Chain Synergy and by discussing both potential Supply Chain Synergy Indicators and the many important Supply Chain Synergy Facilitators; Collaboration, Standards, Semantic data, Synchronization and Social Networking. From this solid base, we then will attempt to develop a pro-active methodology and program both systems providers and end users can become involved in to identify, analyze, implement and capture Supply Chain Synergy and all associated benefits.

We would also like to state up front that in order to engage and communicate effectively with the widest business audience possible, we are attempting to speak in relative lay terms and covering in some portions what might be considered basic concepts for many professional Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals. Continue reading…

The Zen Art of Logistics and Party Planning

With all the recent UPS Logistics commercials, the term logistics continues to move further into the everyday lexicon and hopefully soon we will all HEART logistics!

But other than seeing all the trucks and planes, just what is logistics and what does it mean in the real world of business? And based on all this airtime, do you want or need to learn more about Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Take it from me, there are worse fates in life as at least these skills can be applied in the real world in support of business activity execution, expense reductions and to improve customer service. And even those who are perhaps here due to a one time passing interest or operational issue will be happy to know that these skills can be equally applied to planning and executing excellent parties!
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The Seven S’s of Supply Chain Management

Recently we have completed making preparations for our 2011 research agenda and have identified what we’re calling the seven S’s of supply chain management to act as the framework for our upcoming supply chain management work at Constellation Research Group.

Without further ado, the seven S’s of SCM are Synergy, Standards, Semantic, Serialization, Synchronization, Sustainability and Social and we will now review each of these at a summary level so you can see where we’re headed. Continue reading…