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Event Report: Making Valuable Kinexions That Matter

At the Kinaxis Kinexions event last week, CEO Doug Colbeth and the Kinaxis team delivered an exciting and thought provoking show. Despite some would say, over the top showmanship, the stars of this show were clearly customers. On the stage, at the Industry Influencers session, but more importantly at the tables, all sharing their passion for what they see as a key SCM tool. Below are summarized reports on What’s New, What We Saw and What it Means for You.

What was new?

Rapid Response Control Tower

The Kinaxis Rapid Response Control Tower was launched by Kinaxis CEO Doug Colbeth to kick-off the event. The image below depicts all the component extensions to the current Kinaxis    S& OP and SCM product.

Specifically the product extensions with RapidResponse Control Tower allow companies to use a single cloud-based enterprise planning and “what-if” simulation solution to increase customer service, reduce corporate risks, and improve financial performance. This means no more disparate planning tools in multiple functional silos allowing them to simultaneously plan, monitor and respond across multiple areas of the business. Continue reading…

CSCMP 2011 Recap: The Synergy Supply Chain of the Future

My first CSCMP was in 1989 and I always try to get there every year to catch up with all my logistics and supply chain friends!

As with every year, there are opportunities to learn new things and meet new people. Here’s a link to my recent tweetstream for shoutouts to some of the great people I met this year!

Held again in Philadelphia, this year’s event brought back memories of 2004, the year the old CLM: Council of Logistics Management became today’s CSCMP: Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals!

New of course, in it’s second year, is The CSCMP Supply Chain of the Future exhibition. And I’m pleased to report I did come across the retail & consumer products supply chain of the future but NOT at the exhibition (more on this later)

Those who know me are aware I’m active on Twitter both as @JeffAshcroft and @SupplyChainNtwk. Last year in San Diego we held the very first SCN Tweetup at CSCMP to which 3 people came. Happy to report this year we had a 100% increase in attendees and many, many more tweeting under the #CSCMP and #CSCMP2011 hashtags. Continue reading…