Introducing The Four Hats of The Social CMO Survey Research Report

As business requirements change, both the adoption of new technology and the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) will continue to evolve. This future of the CMO customer survey report addresses two questions: How has the role of the CMO changed? What skills will I need to develop to further my career as a marketing leader? Readers will gain perspective on the new four hats of the CMO, and begin to assess which skills to develop to meet both personal career and business needs. This market overview includes data from a Constellation Research survey of 126 marketing leaders serving CMO roles across multiple industries and geographies leveraging The Social CMO network.

Executive Summary

Previous technology and business shifts have subtly changed the role of the CMO. However, the new consumer engagement models of the social revolution will spawn the need for a new breed of business and marketing technology leaders. These leaders must navigate a myriad of converging and disruptive technologies, align new initiatives to both business value and technology ROI feasibility, and identify strategies to leverage existing program investments to fund innovation.

The traditional CMO must overcome inertia and wear one or more of the four hats or roles for The Social CMO: Chief “Maintenance” Officer, Chief “Migration” Officer, Chief “Measurement” Officer, and Chief “MatrixMarketing” Officer. In our survey of 126 CMOs in the second quarter of 2011, Constellation Research uncovered the priorities for these next-generation CMOs.

Shifting to a Chief Maintenance Officer, Chief Migration Officer and Chief MatrixMarketing role should be a smooth transition for most CMOs, but only a few with vision, ambition and business savvy will grow into the Chief Measurement Officer role. In each of these shifts, CMOs will have to reprioritize their project portfolios and develop new skill sets. Regardless of the shift, a new breed of CMOs will emerge to match the needs of the organization, taking a more leadership-focused, customer experience, and business point of view.

The full report of The Four Hats of The Social CMO is now available for pre-order and will be released the week of September 26th after which date can be ordered here. Members of the Constellation Research Client Community will also have access to a quark providing some additional details.

Jeff Ashcroft