The Four Hats of The Social CMO Webinar

Join us for The Four Hats of The Social CMO webinar for a unique look at four roles emerging marketing leaders can embrace as they evolve to become Social CMOs!

As with any new disruptive technology, social networking usage in enterprise business is still in its’ infancy with marketers in a preferred position to gain advantage. CMO’s can benefit from being first movers in introducing and adopting social networking technologies to become social leaders within their organizations.

This Social Business webinar for marketers and their vendor providers examines each of these roles based upon the feedback received from a Constellation Research Group survey of marketing leaders conducted in May/June 2011.

Register here and join Jeff Ashcroft as he reveals an emerging social business vision based on The Four Hats of The Social CMO!

Look out for the release of the full report The Four Hats of The Social CMO in early September!

Jeff Ashcroft