Starting a Social Supply Chain Synergy Revolution

We have reviewed and covered many new developments and industry initiatives through the SupplyChainNetwork and we would now like to make this contribution to creating and initializing one more. Supply Chain Synergy has in the past been the result of internal corporate projects and merger or acquisition activities which came about more due to being found as a low hanging fruit or byproduct of such projects or business events. Of course we’re not saying no synergy benefits have been captured, but since Quick Response (QR) in the 1980’s, through Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) in the 90’s and a number of other related initiatives, we have seen more talking, conferences and consulting bills about these concepts than true and lasting synergy benefits delivered.

Our goal in this series is to help you all to start a Supply Chain Synergy revolution, first by defining the various types of Supply Chain Synergy and by discussing both potential Supply Chain Synergy Indicators and the many important Supply Chain Synergy Facilitators; Collaboration, Standards, Semantic data, Synchronization and Social Networking. From this solid base, we then will attempt to develop a pro-active methodology and program both systems providers and end users can become involved in to identify, analyze, implement and capture Supply Chain Synergy and all associated benefits.

We would also like to state up front that in order to engage and communicate effectively with the widest business audience possible, we are attempting to speak in relative lay terms and covering in some portions what might be considered basic concepts for many professional Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals.

Motivation for joining the Supply Chain Synergy Revolution can be for both defensive or offensive purposes and of course the expense savings generated through synergy benefit capture fall right to the bottom line in any case.

If one identifies weaknesses in their corporate business models in comparison to traditional competitors or new virtual/online entrants, the exploration of Supply Chain Synergy can lead to the discovery and development of feasible options for at least meeting or even defeating such competitive incursions. On an offensive basis (always my favorite) no matter what your position is in the supply chain, manufacturer, retailer or service provider, the understanding, exploration and harnessing of Supply Chain Synergy can place your firm in a position of strength from which new and powerful initiatives can then be launched.

Such initiatives can allow Logisticians and suppy chain professionals to play a part in defining the corporate future of the firm rather than waiting for it to evolve and be gradually defined for you by others. So what are the types of Supply Chain Synergy that can be explored, analyzed and ultimately harnessed for the greater good of your organization ?

Jeff Ashcroft

This is the introductory post in our ongoing Supply Chain Synergy Series…